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Luyện tập dạng bài Summary Completion with a box trong IELTS Reading


More recently, Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind (2005), a book about the mindset needed for the coming century, has predicted that success in the future will depend on creative thinking, not analytical thinking – more use of the right side of the brain as opposed to the left.

Knowledge-based professions which control the world like banking, management, etc. Pink argues, will wane as more and more jobs are replaced by computers, a prospect governments must wake up to or they will have hordes of young people trained for a redundant world system. The analytical brain types that have dominated job interviews in recent years have had their day. Those who see of the bigger picture at the same time, i.e. those who use the right side of their brain as well or more than the left of can switch between the two at will, are about to come into their own.

Read the paragraph.

Complete the summary below using the list of words from the box below.

With the end of knowledge-based industries, Daniel Pink has forecast that success in the future will depend on (1) _________, not analytical. The power of professions like banking, management, etc. will, it is argued, take on a (2) _________ as more job are carried out by computers. Young people who use the right side of their left are about to assume a (3) __________, so more work-based training involving the management of uncertainty is in order.

A.     creative minds
B.     value
C.     lesser role
D.    consequences
E.      greater role
F.      results
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