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Một trong những dạng bài tốn thời gian của người học ielts nhất khi làm ielts reading test chính là Locating information in paragraphs vì chúng ta có 1 list các thông tin nhỏ và phải xem đoạn nào chứa thông tin nào; các câu hỏi lại không theo thứ tự bài đọc mà nằm rải rác khắp cả bài.

Cùng thực hành bài Locating information in paragraphs reading IELTS  này nào các bạn!

Which paragraph contains the following information?

1.     Comparisons of how BMX bicycles are different from others
2.     A description of the track dimensions for BMX races
3.     Two firsts, both for China and the Olympics

A.     China’s first-ever Olympic summer games also marks the first time bicycle motocross (BMX) athletes can go for gold in the world’s most prestigious athletic event. Forty-eight BMX cyclists – including four Americans – will bring the sports from its humble dirt track origins in Orange Country, California, all the way to the Laoshan Mountain track in Beijing.
B.     Unlike the Olympics road and mountain bike races, which take place over dozens of miles and last several hours, a BMX race is a sprint. Not a sprint on a super-smooth track such as the one used for the track cycling competition, but a mad dash across a course that is about 1,148 feet (350 metres) long and 32 feet (10 metres) wide, with three-hairpin turns and four jump-filled straight-way.
C.     BMX bikes use a single gear throughout the race. Riders use only a rear-wheel brake that is used mostly to avoid riders who have crashed on the course and to stop after crossing the finish line – other types of cycles have a two-brake system that slows both wheels.

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