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Trong chuyên mục luyện thi ielts kì này, blog học ielts online sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn chiến thuật làm dạng bài Yes/No/Not Given trong ielts reading

Với mỗi dạng bài trong bài thi ielts reading đều có những chiến thuật làm bài riêng, với dạng bài “Yes/No/Not Given” thì có rất nhiều bạn hay bị nhầm với dạng bài “True/False/Not Given” đấy. Các bạn cần chú ý đến 2 dạng bài này nhé.

Luyện tập dạng bài Yes/No/Not Given trong ielts reading

Do the following statements agree with the information in passage?


1.     Networking is not modern idea.
2.     Networking is worn like a badge exclusively in the business world.
3.     People fall into two basics categories.
4.     The classic networker is physically strong and generally in good health.


Networking as a concept has required what is in all truth an unjustified air of modernity. It is considered in the corporate world as an essential tool for the modern businessperson, as they trot round the globe drumming up business for themselves or a corporation. The concept is worn like a badge of distinction, and not just in the business world.

People can be divided basically into those who keep knowledge and their personal contacts to themselves, and those who are prepared to share what they know and indeed their friends with others. A person who is insecure, for example someone who finds it difficult to share information with others and who is unable to bring people, including friends, together does not make a good networker. The classic networker is someone who is strong enough within themselves to connect different people including close friends with each other. For example, a businessman or an academic may meet someone who is likely to be a valuable contact in the future, but at the moment that person may benefit from meeting another associate or friend.

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