Bí quyết làm dạng “Problems and Solutions” ở phần ielts speaking part 3

Dưới đây là 1 template cho dạng câu hỏi “Problems and Solutions” của phần thi IELTS Speaking part 3 các bạn luyện thi ielts tham khảo cho kì thi ielts sắp tới nhé


Cách làm dạng “Solution” questions trong ielts speaking part 3

A. Some sample “Problems and Solutions” questions 

  • Some people say that cities are too crowded. What are some solutions to this problem?
  • More and more people are becoming overweight nowadays. What can be done about this problem?
  • What are some ways that the government could use to help educate people about the environment?

B. Template answer

1. Begin with a general statement:

>>> In my view, there are a number of actions that could be taken to tackle this issue.

>>> I honestly believe that there are a few ways to resolve this problem

2. Highlight your first solution: 


Talk about your first solution (then you may briefly explain the possible effects when such a solution is implemented)

>>> The easiest way to work it out would be to…/ One possible suggestion is for sb to do sth

  • By doing so, what will happen?/ (Or give an example)

3. Offer your second solution:

>>> What people could also do about this is to……../Another possible course of action is to …….

  •  If this is done, what will happen? (Or give an example)

Hy vọng qua bài viết các bạn đang tự học ielts sẽ tự tin khi gặp dạng bài Problems and Solutions trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 3!

Xem tiếp ví dụ về cách làm dạng bài Problems and Solutions trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 3 tại địa chi: http://msdiepielts.com/ielts-speaking/ielts-speaking-part-3-solution-questions-made-easy.html

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