8 Phrasal Verbs hay dùng trong IELTS Speaking

Useful Phrasal Verbs trong IELTS Speaking

1. unwind (v): to relax after a stressful activity

Examiner: What do you think of vacations?
Candidate: I think it’s important to get away at least once a year. Holidays give you a chance to unwind.

2. pass away: die, in a polite way

Eg: Describe your favorite person in the family.
My granddad, who was my biggest influence growing up, passed away peacefully at 83 in his sleep…

3. pick on: choose someone to treat unkindly, blame, punish, bully

Eg: Describe yourself emotionally.
I’m the type of meanie who loves picking on people I adore. It’s a bad trait I guess, but that’s who I am…

4. boil down to: be summarized as

Eg: Describe a sport event that you have watched.
… In the end, it boiled down to the question of who was going to win, not how was that win achieved..

5. get something across/over: make understandable or communicate

Eg: What do you consider the best means of communication?
Well I think it depends on who you ask. Personally, I prefer emails as I can spend as much time as I want to perfect all the words to get my point across in the best possible way.

6. get away: to go on holiday/vacation

Eg: What do you think of vacations?
I think it’s important to get away at least once a year. Holidays give you a chance to unwind.

7. Have a get together: social meeting

Eg: How often do you see your friends?
My friends and I usually have a get together every Sunday. We’ll just meet for some food and have a chat.

8. get back into: become interested in something again

Eg: What kind of music do you like?
I stopped listening to jazz music for many years, but I’ve got back into it again recently.

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