1 vài ý tưởng cho câu hỏi ‘Why?’ trong ielts speaking


Gợi ý cách trả lời câu hỏi “Why?” trong ielts speaking

1. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why do you think school dropout has became a major problem nowadays?

– many are at high risk for failure and have serious deficits in reading, writing, mathematical, reasoning, and learning skills -> no will to try to improve -> drop out
– students lack personal interest in topics covered in school + the school setting is not helping to generate their interest -> find school boring and show little excitement about school learning -> drop out

2. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why should people exercise regularly?

– exercise controls weight (prevent excess weight gain/help maintain weight loss)
– exercise combats health conditions and diseases (heart disease, high blood pressure)
– exercise promotes better sleep

3. (IELTS Speaking Part 3) Why do people listen to music?

– music can change people’s moods
– music takes people’s mind off the pain of exercising
– music is healing (soothes the soul grieving for a loved one, and inspires those lacking in hope)
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